About New Line 4

Established in 2006 in New York City, New Line 4 is the leading apparel importer and wholesaler in the United States. We offer high quality products for men, women, and children, in regular and plus sizes, at the best rates. Our specialties are leggings and jeggings, which we offer in a variety of solid colors, prints, and fabric finishes. We also carry hosiery, skirts, pants, seamless basics, body stockings, socks, and most recently, active wear.

Our product success allowed us to branch out to Los Angeles in 2009. Bicoastal offices make catering to our international customers and our clients across the U.S. very efficient. We serve both wholesale (wholesalers, distributors) and retail (boutiques, franchises) markets and pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. We are confident in our products and services, and look forward to surpassing your expectations when you shop New Line 4.